Chemical and Physical properties:
--Moisture: <2%
--Service temperature: -256-800 degree celsius pH value:6.5-7.5
Loose density:50-100kg/m3
Size: 1-3mm, 2-4mm,1-6mm, 20-150mesh or as request

Expanded perlite, an kind of internal honeycomb-like structure white granular material made from perlite ore that after it is preheated and instantaneously expands under high-temperature calcination.
Feature: white granular (internal honeycomb structure), nontoxic, tasteless, noncombustible, non-corrosive, neutral pH value (pH value: 6.5-7.5), acid resistant and alkali resistant, light weight, high absorption and insulation capability.
Because expanded perlite is good heat insulation, light weight, nontoxic, porous, and abundant reserved and low price, hence it widely used in following fields:
*lightweight construction insulation board, partition board, acoustic board, fireproof board.
*Insulation materials for industrial furnaces and tubes
*filtration agent for beer, drinking, food and medicine
*slag collecting material for steel melting and insulation filler for air separator
*Filler or expanding agent for rubber, paint, plastic, TNT etc
*soil adjusting agent, non-soil growing substrate, pesticide cleansing agent
1. Closed cell expanded perlite is a new perlite product. Under certain temperatures graded perlite expands evenly from inside outward in vertical electric heater, expanded particles form glass matter surface and its inner keeps complete porous closed cell structure, unique production technique retains the purity of natural inorganic elements. Closed cell expanded perlite avoid disadvantages of expanded perlite ( produced by traditional technique) like big water absorbing rate, low strength, poor flux etc, it has extended applications, characterizes higher strength, loose weight, heat insulation, good thermal insulation, high purity, evenly graded size, lower water absorbing rate, good flux etc.
2. Round shape granular, glass-like surface, has obvious absorbing function and crushing strength, good combination with clay, cement etc under wet slurry condition,
namely good flux.
3. Application: aggregate substitute for slurry that making inner-outer insulation wall, raw material to make insulation/ decorate panel, filtering agent, refractory bricks, ingredient of pottery , construction, metallurgy, thermal pipe insulation, looseweight filler etc.
Index Closed cell perlite Tradition perlite
Particle size(mm) 0.1-1.5 0.15-3
Loose density(kg/m3 100-200 70-250
Thermal conductivity(w/m.k) 0.047-0.054 0.047-0.054
Ball forming percentage(%) 70-90 0
Closed cell percentage(%) ≥95 0
Water absorbing rate(%) 50-85 360-480
Crushing strength( 1Mpa, volume loss percentage) 38%-46% 76%-83%
Refractoriness (°C) 1280-1360 1250-1300°C