Maifan Stone

maifan stone
Our factory make the maifan stone powder with size:1-3mm,2-5mm,3-6mm,5-10mm, 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh 800mesh,1250mesh,2000mesh etc. Maifan stone powder is widely used in medical care, food, purifying water, polluted water treatment, antisepsis, deordorizing, fresh-keeping, ceramic etc. In order to satisfy different fields, our factory can make specified products according to customers' requirements.

Mai fan stone is one kind of compound mineral nontoxic, no hazard to human,often for medical use. Besides common element, it contains Ca, Mg, Si, Al, Fe, K, Na also a few rare element, lanthanon, radioelement. Maifan stone has abilities of absorption, dissolving, water Ph value adjusting, biology activity and minerized quality. It can absorb metal hydronium in the water.For it contains 15% Al2O3, it the typical amphoteric oxide, which will react when meet alkali in the liquor to reduce Ph value,
and will react when meet acid in the liquor to increase Ph value. It can adjust pH value in bidirectional way.After being dunked, maifan stone will dissolve out usual element, K, Na, Ca, Mg, P, and rare element Si, Fe,Zn,Cu, Mo,Se,Mn,Sr, Ni,V,Co,Li, Cr,I, Ge, Ti and so on.
Maifan stone will dissolve out the amino acid which is necessary for human body.