Maifan Stone Drinkware

maifan stone drinkware
Commodity: Maifan stone cup, maifan stone bowl, Maifan stone products
Size/Type: as request

Maifan Stone is really the valuable object for the humanbeings.It has the more bores'charactor which is 20000 times higher than the Active Carbon;it can eject various mineral substances while strongly attach the harmful matter into the water, not only increase the water activity,but also adjust the PH matter as well. Right now, there are many Maifan Stone Research Institutes abroad which are studying into how makes the usage of Maifan Stone widely into various fields closely connecting with the living of peopel. Maifan Stone are popularly used in water purification, soil melioration,
animal feeding, bathing, pharmacing,ect. It is to be called as Magic Stone,Healthy Stone or Long-life Stone in Japan,Taiwan & South Korea.